Adiabatic pre-cooling/AdiabaticPads




thermofin® dry coolers, condensers and gas coolers can be equipped as an option with AdiabaticPads. This type of adiabatic pre-cooling allows return and condensation temperatures below the ambient temperature or a considerably higher unit performance with the same space requirements and an improved system efficiency.



intelligent control via TCS

  • regulation of the deluging water quantity depending from the ambient temperatures
  • continuous speed regulation of the fans and control of day and night mode
  • freeze protection & hygiene: draining of the deluging water circuit

corrosion protection & service

  • corrosion protection of the heat exchanger, because the humidification is limited to the pad system
  • low requirements on water quality, mostly no water treatment required
  • easy replacement of the pads due to cartridge design
  • direct access to the water distribution


  • self-draining tray and distribution system
  • no circulating water and no stagnation
  • no aerosol output and vapour-free