Exhibition review

Industrial Cold 2010
Kiev (Ukraine), March 2010

The economic crises in the Ukraine is not over yet, but the number of visitors at this year's "Industrial Cold" and their activities have reflected the expected easing of tension in the Ukrainian market. This year's exhibition has proved to be a big success for us. We were one of very few manufacturers that were present not only with an information desk, but also showed several units. Among with a blast freezer of our TFN series two commercial evaporators of our model ranges TEB and TEMB and a commercial condenser of model range TCMU have aroused interest in the refrigeration technicians. The decision taken one year ago to establish a sales office in Kiev in order to offer our customers in the Ukraine much better technical support and service on location has been reinforced by the positive results over the course of the year and the encouraging feedback during the exhibition. During the exhibition we discussed several concrete projects and introduced new products such as our fruit coolers and condensers and evaporators in special designs. By now the brand name "thermofin" has been well-established among Ukrainian refrigeration experts.

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