Exhibition review

Industrial Cold 2011
Kiev (Ukraine), February 2011

"Industrial Cold – International Trade Show of Technologies for Industrial Refrigeration Equipment, Air-Conditioning, and Ventilation" is the leading exhibition of the industry in Ukraine which forms an ample opportunity for us to exhibit new products, to deepen and intensify existing business relationships in Ukraine and to establish new business networks. Industrial Cold 2011 was held in Kiev's Expo Plaza Exhibition Center in February 2011 and we attracted the attention of the customers by exhibiting a special aircooler with housing and tubes made of stainless steel. The unit was designed with different fin spacings and tiltable fan plates which shall provide easy access to the unit's interior for maintenance and cleaning purposes. By showing such a special unit we pursued two goals: On the one hand we presented our strength in processing stainless steel. On the other hand the unit clearly pointed out that we are a competent partner when it comes to individual solutions for special applications. Eventually, many professionals, project managers and planning engineers visited our booth and we discussed promising projects for the Ukrainian market. The investment climate in Ukraine has improved perceptibly.

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