Exhibition review

EuroShop 2011
Dusseldorf (Germany), February 2011

The world's biggest trade fair for retailers' investment needs, EuroShop 2011, drew to a successful close at the beginning of March. The 2,038 exhibitors from 53 nations unanimously reported that they have made good contacts during the exhibition and we are also looking forward to an avid follow-up business. More than 106,000 visitors came to Dusseldorf to catch up on the presented products, trends and new concepts for retailers and their partners. We mainly appreciated the high internationality of EuroShop: Over 60 per cent of EuroShop's visitors travelled to Dusseldorf from abroad in 2011. The central subject-matter across all areas was sustainability and energy efficiency again. It became apparent that - in the long term - there is no alternative to natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration. Particular attention at our booth was paid to the condenser X-TCH with its innovative connection system. By means of the integrated oil separator, an oil entry into the condenser is prevented and output losses can be avoided that way. Moreover, the refrigerant filling quantity of the system can be reduced by approx. 40 to 60 per cent due to the particular constructive design of the units. Optionally, the condenser can be operated as a heat pump evaporator (flooded operation). In supermarkets the heat could be used for example to heat up the saleroom (floor heating).

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