Exhibition review

Vietfish 2012
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), June 2012

Vietfish is the biggest fishery show in Southeast Asia and during this event we presented our freezing units to the refrigeration contractors and also to the fishing industries that participated. The main attractions in our booth were our innovative insulated coolers and our blast freezing units that caught the interest of the people involved in refrigeration and sea foods processing. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are growing economies that have a vast potential for sea foods and agriculture and it is self-evident that refrigeration industry in these three countries continues to grow. Vietfish by far is the most lucrative platform in the area where we can show our design and innovations in refrigeration equipments and components. Again, we will be participating in Vietfish 2013 in order to continuously strengthen our presence in the area and to gain momentum in the coming years.

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