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CO2 evaporator TOL:
Usual performance features combined with environmentally friendly characteristics

With the use of the natural refrigerant CO2, the thermofin® series TOL was developed with regard to the future and an environmentally friendly operation. Thanks to the large range of application, CO2 can replace nearly all fluorinated refrigerants and thereby complies with the prescriptions of the current directives of refrigerants. Compared to the usual evaporators of the industrial lines TxN, the core tube diameter is reduced and the filling volume halved. Lower weight and investment costs are effective arguments for the selection of the TOL. Due to the fact that the tube distances and with it the unit dimensions remain identical, it is possible to replace the evaporators with units of this new series. As standard, the evaporators are designed with copper tubes and can be operated with up to 52 bar. With selection of the material stainless steel, operating pressures up to 60 bar are possible.
The fin spacing can be regular or split. The last one reduces the icing of the fins and ensures with it particularly long service lives. For easy cleaning, we recommend to equip the units with tiltable drip trays and fans. A highly efficient operation can be ensured by designing the units with EC fans which are continuously regulated via a wireless system and, as a complete solution, are equipped with pressure and temperature sensors.

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