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Hybrid dry coolers THDW:
Hybrid dry cooling also under difficult spatial conditions

The thermofin® series THDW stands out by the usual characteristics of a hybrid dry cooler in connection with a particularly compact design.
This combination allows the achievement of high performances, also in case of difficult spatial conditions. The coaction between wet and dry cooling is the basis for a high efficiency. A changeover between both operation modes allows an optimal use of unit's performance in case of changing ambient conditions.
The new series is used in particular in the branch of industrial dry cooling. By default, hybrid dry coolers are delivered completely wired. The company's own control unit TCS regulates all operating functions such as the time dependent setting of the fan speed, the selection of the operation modes and the measurement of the water quality. The use of the high-efficiency nozzle TEX developed by thermofin® is already well-proven for the application on this unit. Its design allows a reduction of the fan speed with the same air volume and with it considerably reduced sound values.

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