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Penthouse coolers for suspended ceilings
Space-saving and weather-proof installation inside of the building

The compact version of the thermofin® penthouse cooler allows the mounting into a suspended ceiling of the cold storage. The cooler is installed directly on top of the cold room, requires no place in the storage and allows service operations in normal ambient temperatures. Diverse feed lines, such as refrigerant, condensate and current distributions can also be laid in the suspended ceilings and can be omitted in the cold room. Axial fans and a patented lightweight damper system ensure an optimal air flow in the penthouse cooler and the best possible air distribution in the room. The uniform circulation of the air is supported by the mounting of cannels to the air outlet of the cooler. Thereby, the high demands of the food refrigeration in large storage rooms are perfectly met. By closing the dampers in defrost process, the energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. Since the units are installed inside and are not subject to environmental influences, a special weather and corrosion protection must not be taken into consideration with the designing of the casing. As for all penthouse coolers, also in this version, all constructional parts are easily accessible through an access door for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

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