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Evaporators for working rooms:
Draught-free air cooling

The evaporators of thermofin’s product line TEP are newly developed for the requirements in working rooms in particular. Due to the exceptionally low noise level a pleasant working environment is created. An innovative airflow forms the basis for a completely draught-free air duct. The suction orifices of the standard units are shut by the means of a protective grid. As an option the suction orifices can also be equipped with filters. The drip trays are closable with quick release fasteners which make sure that the drip trays are easily retractable without using additional tools. Thereby, the plant operator can expurgate the units –if necessary- without any difficulty. The evaporators of the product line TEP in their special design for working rooms cover a range of performance from 2 till 55 kW and can be operated with the refrigerants HFC, CO2 and NH3. Moreover, the units can be delivered as glycol coolers (product line TGP) as well.

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