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Condenser with innovative connection system:
Special design with integrated oil separator

thermofin® defines new standards with the development of an innovative connection system for the condensers of series TCH. By the means of the oil separator which is integrated into the distributor, an oil entry into the condenser is prevented. Due to this, an additional oil separator in the system is not necessary anymore. Moreover, no downstream liquid collector is required due to the particular constructive design of the outlet port. As a result, the refrigerant filling quantity of the system can be reduced by approx. 40 to 60 per cent. Preferably, an air-cooled subcooler should be installed downstream, which optimizes the cooling capacity and allows for a smaller dimensioning of the pipe system. The new TCS "thermofin® control system" offers a BUS-compatible control of the EC-fans, the oil management and the filling level monitor.

Heat pump activation in case of flooded operation

Optionally, the condenser can be operated as a flooded evaporator. By the means of the flooded operation, very small temperature differences of approx. 4 K can be realised. In the process, the evaporator output corresponds to approx. 40 per cent of the condenser output.

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