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Agricultural storage coolers:
For the high demands of storing and cooling fruit and vegetable products

Fruit and vegetables belong to the category of breathing products (food). These products absorb oxygen after the harvest and during storage and emit respiration heat, carbon dioxide, water and ethylene.
Therefore, the challenge is to develop air coolers which meet the need of the lowest degree of dehumidification. The slower the progression of dehumidification, the longer the high quality of the products will be kept. The highest priority is the air flow and the air distribution in the storeroom. The aim is that the air is distributed as evenly as possible and that no heat pockets are created in the storage boxes.
The thermofin® fruit and vegetable coolers of series TxNA have blowing fans as a standard feature. An air guide plate at the air outlet side in order to support the "Coanda effect" is also part of the scope of supply. In the units of series TxNA a fin pattern, optimized for the special application, is used. Furthermore, a very low degree of dehumidification of the stored products is the result of the large heat exchanger surface and the small difference between the air inlet temperature and the evaporation or ethylene glycol inlet temperature.

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