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Air conditioning of locks with dehumidifiers:
Energy saving for frozen warehouses

Units of the evaporator series TEDN in patented special design are used for the dehumidification of locks in the receiving and picking area of modern frozen warehouses.
Principally, the dehumidifiers can be delivered as compact units and as split units.
The device housing is equipped on one side with the finned coil of the evaporator (dehumidifier) and opposite, with the finned coil of the condenser (heater) with blow-out hood and flap for air regulation.
Both heat exchangers (evaporator and condenser) are supplied with air for cooling and/or heating purposes using the same fans.
The dehumidifier serves the reduction of the high air humidity in the area of receiving and/or shipping locks.
The heater serves the heat entry, whereby possibly required air curtain plants in passage area can be minimised or even omitted completely. This omission results in considerable energy savings for the operation of the plant.

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