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Insulated coolers with EC radial fans:
Innovative fan concept revolutionises the construction of insulated coolers

With an innovative fan concept, the company thermofin® revolutionises the construction of insulated coolers. The conventional advantages of the insulation cell design, such as the optimum usage of cold rooms and effective defrost processes without humidity and heat entry into the storage room is perfected in the new generation with the highest energy efficiency and maintainability as well as with optimised air duct and improved cleanability.

This is achieved by the utility model-protected mounting of compact radial fans with backwards curved blades which are directly driven by an external rotor motor with EC technology.

The strong airside pressure increase of the radial fans allows an optimum air distribution also in case of difficult spatial situations, for example through a canal system. With it, wheel slips, lubrication intervals and the open mechanical construction of the belt drive as well as a separate speed control can be omitted. The EC fans can be regulated directly and continuously through MODBUS or 0-10 V signal over the entire speed range and, thanks to their high efficiency, they allow an energy saving of approx. 35 percent in comparison to conventional belt-driven AC fans. At the same time, a considerable sound reduction is achieved.

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