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Hybrid dry coolers THDD:
Outstanding performance potential thanks to the interaction of wet and dry cooling

With the development of a hybrid dry cooler, the company thermofin® sets new standards in the area of the efficient and environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration. Both in dry cooling of refrigerating machines and compressors and in air conditioning and refrigeration technology, it offers the user considerable advantages. The outstanding performance potential of the unit is based on the interaction between wet and dry cooling. A changeover between both operation modes allows an optimal use of the device performance in case of changing ambient conditions. In order to ensure the required cooling water temperature, the hybrid dry cooler operates until a defined changeover point such as a conventional dry cooler. As soon as the outside temperature exceeds the mentioned temperature and is too high then to reach the required cooling capacity in dry operation, the hybrid dry cooler changes to wet operation. During this process, the finned surface of the cooling elements is moistened with treated water. With the comparatively low space requirement and low-noise running, the hybrid unit is able to meet particular customer requirements. Thus, in case of special sound requirements, it is possible to limit the speed of the fans during night mode by means of the thermofin® TCS controller. The TCS is an intelligent controller designed for modern fan drives and is used to monitor, control and collect data of the hybrid dry cooler. The TCS provides optimum operating conditions by individually adjusting the existing performance characteristics.

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