Substation, Feda (Norway)
Cooling of generators (2013) ...Details
Data Centre of TÜV Nord Group, Hannover (Germany)
Air conditioning of data processing centre (2014) ...Details
Hyper market distribution centre CITTI, Kiel (Germany)
Logistics centre (2014) ...Details
New Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin (Germany)
Air conditioning of premises (2015) ...Details
"WindGas”, Falkenhagen (Germany)
Demonstation system for the storage of wind current in the natural gas network (2013) ...Details

FRIWEIKA eG, Weidensdorf (Germany)
Potato storage (2015) ...Details

Cold store Montague, Truganina (Australia)
Ultra-modern, energy-efficient cold store (2014) ...Details

Paracelsus hospital, Reichenbach (Germany)
Waste heat recovery of a biogas plant for the refrigeration system of the hospital (2014) ...Details
Gas-operated power generating plant, Libreville (Gabon)
Cooling of diesel engines (2011) ...Details
Business centre “VERSO“, Wiesbaden (Germany)
Air conditioning of an office complex (2015) ...Details
Wastewater treatment plant, Weinheim (Germany)
Power generation by heat recovery (2011) ...Details

Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG, Neuendorf (Switzerland)
Distribution company for deep freezing logistics (2009/2010) ...Details

Combined heat and power in the sawmilling industry
Air-conditioning of a steam turbine (2011) ...Details
MHKW Bremen, Bremen (Germany)
Waste-to-energy incineration plant (2010/2011) ...Details
Biogas plant "Mühlenhof", Wilhelmsburg (Germany)
Energy generation with renewable resources (2013) ...Details
Metro Cash & Carry, Groß-Gerau (Germany)
Fish Logistics Centre (2010) ...Details
DKB-Skisporthalle, Oberhof (Germany)
Indoor cross-country ski run (2008/2009)...Details
Fruit storage for kiwis, San Fernando (Chile)
Fruit storage for kiwis with controlled atmosphere (2011) ...Details
AWO Central kitchen, Auerbach (Germany)
Large-scale kitchen of the Workers' Welfare Association (2013) ...Details
SnowDome, Bispingen (Germany)
Indoor ski venue (2006)...Details
Eisarena Dresden, Dresden (Germany)
Ice rink and multi-purpose sports hall (2006) ...Details
Unifrutti Philippines Inc., Davao City (Philippines)
Cold storage house for bananas (2005)...Details
Tesco, Penang (Malaysia)
Distribution center (2007) ...Details
Wolf Butterback, Fürth (Germany)
Manufacturing plant for raw pastries (2005-2007) ...Details
Innofol GmbH, Greiz-Gommla (Germany)
Production of plastic foils (2005) ...Details
German Meteorological Service (DWD), Offenbach (Germany)
Temperature control system for the data processing center (2007) ...Details
Nestlé Suisse SA, Rorschach (Switzerland)
Pallet freezer for ice-cream (2005) ...Details
Panda (Al Salem), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Distribution center (2006/2007) ...Details
Hypermarket Hamberger Großmarkt für Gastronomie & Handel, Munich (Germany)
Refrigeration plant for fruits, vegetables and cut flowers (2006) ...Details
Kuma, Waardenburg (Netherlands)
Recooling of ground water (2004/2006) ...Details
Dresden Castle, Dresden (Germany)
Central refrigeration plant (2008) ...Details
Danish Crown, Soenderborg (Denmark)
Blast freezing tunnel for pork (2007) ...Details
Sopraval, La Calera (Chile)
Freezing plant for poultry (2007) ...Details
Apina, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Cooling of gas turbines (2007) ...Details