DKB-Skisporthalle, Oberhof
DKB-Skisporthalle, OberhofDKB-Skisporthalle, OberhofDKB-Skisporthalle, Oberhof

DKB-Skisporthalle, Oberhof (Germany)

With a total investment of approximately 14.4 million euro the first German indoor cross-country ski run with a length of 1.9 km and a maximum ascent of 12 percent for Nordic winter sports has been built in Oberhof since May 2008. Since the grand opening of the venue in August 2009 the international elite of cross-country skiing, biathlon and Nordic combination has benefited all-season from the best possible conditions of training. Additionally, the hall is opened for recreational athletes and tourists. Four artificial snow devices are installed in the hall in order to guarantee optimal snow conditions. A total of 19 thermofin® heat exchangers type TGDN assures inside temperatures from -6 up to -2 °C irrespective of outside temperatures. Due to the application of modern EC-fans the units made by thermofin® meet the high requirements on noise load and energy efficiency.

DKB-Skisport-HALLE Oberhof
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