AWO Central kitchen, Auerbach (Germany)

AWO Central kitchen,
Auerbach (Germany)

"From humans for humans!" - This is the guiding theme of the Workers' Welfare Association (formation for social work). Originally founded in 1919 as a socio-political workers‘ representation of interests and as an alternative to the churchly charity, the scope of duties of the Workers' Welfare Association comprises today all sectors of social work with main focus on help for elderly and handicapped people, as well as for children and adolescent persons.

Already since 1991, the Workers' Welfare Association of Auerbach/Vogtland runs a canteen kitchen and a service called "Essen auf Rädern". With the increasing regional demand, the previous kitchen reached the capacity limit and the new central kitchen was opened in July 2013 with a total investment of 4 million euro. "Schmidt Kältetechnik GmbH" from Netzschkau/Vogtland got the order for the refrigeration technology of the new central kitchen. thermofin® delivered an industrial evaporator of the TEN series in special version and a vertical heat exchanger of the TDV series with EC-fans. Due to the location of the central kitchen near the city centre and a residential area, there were specific requirements to the sound level of the heat exchanger.
These requirements are realized by using continuously variable EC-fans. Furthermore, the consumption of electric energy is reduced significantly with the installation of these EC-fans.

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