Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)
Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)

Gas-operated power generating plant,
Libreville (Gabon)

Telemenia is one of the leading international EPC contractors the design, construction and commissioning of power generating plants and acts in more than 55 countries on four continents. A power plant in Libreville was commissioned in April 2013 and is connected with a transformer station to the national grid. From here, 750,000 habitants of Gabon’s capital are supplied with power. 16 thermofin® dry coolers of the series TMDH ensure a failure-free operation of the system. Already with dimensioning of the unit, special ambient conditions, such as the proximity to the sea, must be observed. A UV resistant epoxy coating of the fins permits an optimum corrosion resistance and a complex steel construction ensures a sufficient inlet air supply to the units. The cooling of the four motors is effected with four dry coolers. The 64 fans have a diameter of 1,600 mm. The fan units are assembled as individual components and completed in our factory. The fan blades are optimally adapted to volume flow, pressing and given sound values. Every diesel engine generates an electrical power of 17.5 MW. The total power of the system is about 70 MW.

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