Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)
Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)

Air-conditioning of a steam turbine in the sawmilling industry,
St. Florence (France)

Piveteau Bois, one of the largest sawmilling companies in France focuses increasingly on the advantages of combined heat and power generation. The combined heat and power system installed by the company URBAS Maschinenfabrik Ges. m. b. H. in a sawmilling factory in the French St. Florence uses the residuals generated by the processing of tree trunks and operates with it a steam turbine for power generation. thermofin® delivered for this system in total nine dry coolers of series TDV in vertical design as well as three dry coolers of series TDH as table units. The installed capacity is 8.2 MW. The dry coolers serve the air conditioning of the control circuit of the steam turbine. At the same time, the waste heat of the dry coolers is transmitted to a belt dryer where wood chips are dried and processed to pellets. The dry coolers of thermofin® are the ideal system component. The operator Piveteau Bois operates several of such systems and is one of the most important energy generating companies of the French sawmilling industry. With the operation of heating plants and heating power plants, Piveteau Bois generates electrical and thermal power by using renewable energy from bark and sawmill waste.

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