Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)
Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)

Power generation by heat recovery,
wastewater treatment plant Weinheim (Germany)

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the wastewater of more than 170,000 habitants is treated in Weinheim’s wastewater treatment plant. The energy-intensive operation is supported by the application of a combined heat and power plant. This efficient and continuously optimised system is operated with two thermal power stations of MWM. It not only covers the entire heat requirement of the location but also feeds the surplus of 1,800 MW to the local power grid and simultaneously uses the dissipated heat for heating the buildings and the digestion tanks. For re-cooling of the thermal power stations, thermofin® delivered two dry coolers of the series TDH with a capacity of approx. 700 kW for the motor cooling circuit and 45 kW for the mixture cooling circuit.

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