Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)
Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)

Migros Neuendorf AG,
distribution company for deep freezing logistics (Switzerland)

More than a half of the 63,000 m³ containing store house of Migros Neuendorf AG comprises refrigerated and frozen products. In year 2009, the system is supplemented by a fully automated picking system which is unique in Europe. The related increased space requirement required a new designing of the cooling technology. It was necessary to operate the cooling system during the entire construction phase. Particularly our penthouse cooler, which is installed on the roof above the cold room, met these requirements. In two construction phases, thermofin GmbH delivered six coolers with a cooling capacity of 120 kW and an evaporation temperature of -35 °C each. A very efficient operation is ensured with automatic defrost dampers which are closed during the defrost mode, prevent a steam discharge and considerably reduce the defrost time. A particularly environmental friendly operation is obtained by using the natural refrigerant NH3.

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