citti Bremen, Bremen (Germany)
citti Bremen, Bremen (Germany)citti Bremen, Bremen (Germany)citti Bremen, Bremen (Germany)

Logistics centre,
CITTI Kiel (Germany)

With more than 6,000 employees, CITTI Handelsgesellschaft mbH is one of the largest food logistics companies in North Germany. In the proximity to an own ship preparing location in Kiel, the company also operates a food logistics centre. In the course of reconstruction measures, themofin® delivered during different construction phases in total nine air coolers of the series TGN and TGDN.
In new design, three units of the condenser series TACD, having a capacity of 835 kW each, were installed on the roof of the building. By using the natural refrigerant ammonia, the prescriptions of an environmental-friendly operation are met. Every unit is equipped with 18 individually tiltable EC fans.
A spraying system, consisting of four spray bars with nine nozzles each, ensures the coverage of peak loads and is activated according to demand.

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