tuev Bremen, Bremen (Germany)
tuev Bremen, Bremen (Germany)tuev Bremen, Bremen (Germany)tuev Bremen, Bremen (Germany)

Data centre,
TÜV Hannover (Germany)

With more than 10,000 employees, TÜV Nord Group is one of the largest technical service companies in the world. In the year 2014, the location Hannover was modernized according to the latest technology and the safety standards ISO 27001 and 20000. The new data centre comprises the entire IT area of all 270 locations of the company and also provides space for the central computer technology of other companies. In the course of the planning of building service installations, also the air conditioning of the computer technology should meet special requirements. Within the first stage of construction, we have delivered two Hybrid Dry Coolers with a dry cooling capacity of 700 kW each, within the second, another one with the same capacity. The system is designed with redundancy. In the north of the building plan area, there is a partial area being a pure residential area. For these areas, a maximum value of 50 dB(A) for day mode and 35 dB(A) for night mode are defined. The control of both modes is effected via the integrated thermofin® Control System.

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