Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)
Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)Transformer station, Büttel (Germany)

Falkenhagen (Germany)

In cooperation with the Swissgas AG, the leading German energy group E.ON tests the energy of the future. In the year 2013, the company started a “Power to Gas” pilot project. The objective of such plants is to store renewable energies in the natural gas grid and to decouple the generation from the consumption. According to the state of technology, a storage is only possible to a limited extend. For example in case of wind power stations, this results in large losses of surplus energy. In this project, hydrogen is generated from current and water by means of electrolysis. Within the next process step, the produced CO2 is converted with hydrogen to synthetic natural gas. Within one year, the system shall produce 8 million kWh of gas. This corresponds to an approx. gas consumption of 400 family houses. thermofin GmbH delivered for this project seven dry coolers of the series TDH with 115 kW each. Because of special sound specifications, the units are equipped with silent-running EC fans. Both energy companies anticipate of this concept trend-setting knowledge for a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly storage of renewable energies as basis for the development of new business models.

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