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Potato storage of FRIWEIKA eG,
Weidensdorf (Germany)

Fresh Weidensdorfer Kartoffeln – at FRIWEIKA eG the name says it all. The company, founded in 1970, combines its successful history particularly with the certified quality and the freshness of its products. As varied company processing potatoes, FRIWEIKA is focused on a major environmental awareness. In avoidance of long transport routes, the major part of the raw material is purchased from regional agricultural companies. In order to meet the strongly grown demand of approx. 140.000 tons of potatoes per year, the storage capacity was increased in 2015 to 55.000 tons by the construction of a new hall. It enables the storage of potatoes beginning with the harvest until summer of the following year. Important components to comply with the required air conditions in the room are the 30 air coolers of thermofin GmbH as heat exchangers. The draw-in design of the fans ensures a uniform air distribution with a high air humidity. Furthermore, the content of delivery comprises two condensers of the series TCFF characterised by an integrated separation function (FreeFlow). The housings connected to the condensers contain pumps and control components of a propane system. Additionally, a subcooler is provided behind the condenser. It is not mandatory but contributes to an improvement of the coefficient of performance by 5%.

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