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The Vogtland region has been a centre of expertise for refrigeration and air conditioning technology for decades and the production of heat exchangers has a long tradition in the region. thermofin GmbH has now picked up this idea and is successfully continuing it.

The company, which was set up by Bernd Löffler in Heinsdorfergrund in 2002, was able to start producing finned heat exchangers in the autumn of 2003. The company now supplies customers all around the globe: units produced by thermofin® are being used in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment for storing and processing food in supermarkets, deep freezing plants and logistics centres. Heat exchangers produced by the company are also used to control the air temperature in large computer centres, ice rinks and indoor ski slopes.

The company has also been producing units to cool turbines and engines since 2007 and has already completed the first projects in this new field of business in India, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

It was necessary to expand the production facilities in Heinsdorfergrund in 2010 because of the continual increase in incoming orders and the expansion of the production programme to cover cooling units for large scale industry and power generation.
The production capacity at thermofin GmbH’s headquarters has therefore been enlarged by building a second production facility.

The company is also expanding internationally. thermofin GmbH, which is based in the Vogtland region, is continuing to expand its presence in the refrigeration and air conditioning markets; it has set up numerous sales offices all over the world.

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