Ceiling-mounted evaporators



  • heating coil
  • defrosting: electrical, hot-gas, brine, water
  • electric fan ring heaters
  • double and insulated tray
  • defrost dampers
  • shut up with draw-in hoods
  • draw-in/blow-out hoods
  • legs (feet)
  • insulation end plates
  • tiltable fans
  • CIP system for cleaning
  • streamers for an increased air throw
  • air hose connections
  • pre-wired fans
  • repair switches
  • "wireless" fan control
  • heated tray to prevent the formation of condensate
  • UV-C system




  • defrost dampers combined with hot-gas or brine defrost system
  • design possible with different materials
  • motor-driven or air-actuated damper design


  • precise airflow for the focused cooling of certain areas

cleaning and hygiene

  • tilting functions for fans and defrost trays allow the easy access for cleaning inside of the units