The thermofin® - Experience Workshop

You experience practice - we make school! Especially for school classes (whether middle school or high school) we run the thermofin® experience workshop, which is unique in the region. Take the chance and get exciting insights into our corporate world!

Our experience workshop

Education can be different. We offer you a large selection of building blocks from the following areas:

  • Must-See: Insights into the thermofin® world
  • Best Practice: Experience craftsmanship live
  • Know-how: scientific know-how very practical
  • Get Ready: well prepared for your Job choice
In advance, we will coordinate with you which building blocks you would like to experience up close.

We warmly welcome pupils in the 9th and 10th grades of secondary schools from our region. Our focus is on technical and scientific profiles. We are also happy to invite high school graduates in the 11th and 12th grades to come to us, where we are able to provide also the students with the scientific background. In addition to the practical transfer of knowledge in our field, we also offer you to learn more about the jobs in a medium-sized company and the path to starting your career.

Our all-inclusive package:
We'll pick you up from school and bring you back. You can also leave your school bread at home. With us you will be well cared for. And the whole thing, of course, free of charge!


Our experience building blocks

You can choose from different experience building blocks and put together your own experience package, depending on how much time you have.


Field 1: Must-See


We show you the #thermofinWorld

1. experience BUILDING BLOCK: #thermofinWorld

It all started on the green meadow. Today, thermofin GmbH is still strongly rooted in its home country, but is also represented worldwide. We take you on our success story and show you what the #companyAtTheWindTurbine does every day.
Duration: approx. 30 min

2. experience BUILDING BLOCK: #deepinsights
 We want to give you a look behind the scenes. From raw materials, to assemblies, modern manufacturing technologies to the finished product. You can experience all this and much more during your company tour in our workshop. You will feel that standard is not our standard, but that individuality is written BIG with us.
 Duration: approx. 45 min

Field 2: Best Practice


You can experience craft up close

3. experience BUILDING BLOCK #handmade - quality by you
We offer you the possibility to manufacture a heat exchanger with all the trimmings yourself. You will learn how to deal with metals, we will show you modern manufacturing steps in an industrial company and you will learn how important craftsmanship is in today's world.
Duration: approx. 90 min

4.  experience BUILDING BLOCK # Heat-Exchanger -  The exchange of knowledge
We want to get to the bottom of the question of how a heat exchanger works, and not just on paper. Or how does it work with your fridge at home?
Duration: approx. 60 min

5.  experience BUILDING BLOCK #exactly - A bleaching pencil stroke is too much

It depends on the tenth. In our workshop, we would like to show you how dimensionally accurate metals are manufactured and processed these days. As a highlight of this #experienceBuildingBlock you can try out your own color scheme.
Duration: approx. 60 min

Field 3: Know-How


We go a step further with you

6. experience BUILDING BLOCK #aCoolRefrigerationSystem

An experiment with the COOL factor. We will set up a refrigeration system with you and bring the pleasant atmosphere in our rooms to freeze. True to the motto "Self-made - simply learned", we would like to introduce you to the refrigeration cycle and how it works.

Duration: approx. 60 min

7. experience BUILDING BLOCK #greyIsEmptyTheory
With us, theory becomes practice. On a test model we would like to explain to you the 1 by 1 of the cold-climate-technique. We measure, calculate and analyze the cooling process with you. A #experienceBuilding Block for the mathematicians and physicists among you.
Duration: approx. 45 min

8. experience BUILDING BLOCK #coldToTouch
No money, no fun. This is also the case in our industry. It can't be done without refrigerant. We show you the variety of substances that are suitable for the refrigeration cycle. Can you smell the ammonia yet?
Duration: approx. 20 min

Field 4: Get Ready


Your first step to starting your career

9. experience BUILDING BLOCK #whatDoYouWantToBecome
Again and again we find that many young people hardly know what jobs there are in companies like ours. The diversity is great.  We have set ourselves the task of bringing you closer to the professions of the craftsman and machine operator, the designer, developer and buyer, the sales representative and managing director.

Duration: approx. 45 min

10. experience BUILDING BLOCK #getReady 
My first real application. Yeah, but what does it matter?
We work with you to create the documents for a successful application, give you practical tips and show you how to get into the right light at the companies.
Duration: approx. 60 min

11. experience BUILDING BLOCK #good2Know
Once on site, thought of everything? You're looking for answers to what you've always wanted to know? We answer your questions about an apprenticeship or about your future. There are no stupid questions, but only practical and understandable answers.
Duration: flexible




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