We are looking for lateral thinkers who are passionate about their vocation!

The competence and motivation of our employees contribute significantly to our company’s success. As a regional and family-owned company, we are one of the largest employers in Vogtland. As we are internationally represented, we rely  both on specialists from the region and on multicultural diversity.

In addition to our high-quality products, our customers particularly appreciate the individual support. The flat hierarchies of the company enable fast and cross-departmental decision-making and reaction processes.

Sales department

During my education as an industrial clerk, I became familiar with many departments in the company. I was able to understand and apply the business connections in practice. I am also supported by the company in my further education as an industrial business administrator.

Service department

At thermofin® everyone can contribute and realize their individual strengths. Due to the constant progress in our industry, our technological development is at a very high level and never stands still. In this modern working environment, it always remains exciting.

Research/development department

It is a nice change to show the younger colleagues the variety of commercial topics and to pass on the experience they have gained. Only if we are open to new and tried-and-tested ideas together and think across generations thermofin® can continue to be successful in the long term.

Accounting department

We are happy to introduce our technical and commercial departments:

Technical departments

Process planning

They give the command. In order to plan the production process optimally and efficiently, the work preparation ensures the correct start of the orders.


Tinkering, simulating, experimenting - here, natural scientists contribute to our further development as a company by means of modern test benches.

Technical draftsman and designers

Whether 2D or 3D drawings – they provide the basis for the production of our heat exchangers. This requires dimensional accuracy, technical understanding and spatial imagination.


Commercial departments


You are the professionals who have an overview of the materials and stocks and always fill them up in time. All parts must be correct and nothing must be missing in the current production.

Technical sales staff

Before we can start manufacturing our heat exchangers, our sales staff will ensure that we receive orders from our global customers. You have a direct line to the market, customers and products.


Whether application process, employment relationship or further development – our HR department always has an open ear for the concerns of our applicants and employees and accompanies them on their journey at thermofin®.

Dispatch employees

The dispatch sends our devices safely on journeys. It does not matter whether by truck within Europe, by plane to South America or by container to China. You agree all details and conditions on site with our customers beforehand.

Service engineers

As complaints, maintenance and repairs are also pending, the service team takes care to ensure that our devices run reliably again. There is no way too far for us – no matter whether to India, Australia or South America. We’re on site.


Everything here has to be accurate to the cent. Our accountants record all business transactions and have an overview of the finances. Here you can juggle with numbers.

Note: The names of our departmental specialists are gender-neutral (m/f/d).

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