Evaporators for process rooms



  • heating coil
  • air filters
  • defrosting: electrical, hot-gas, brine
  • double and insulated drip trays
  • pre-wired fans
  • repair switches
  • "wireless" fan control
  • heated tray to prevent the formation of condensate
  • UV-C system




patented airflow

  • patented design with a "draught-free" airflow for the application in process and working rooms
  • flat unit design
  • silent, slowly running fans


  • for the protection against soiling, the units can be equipped with air filters mounted to the air inlet

cleaning and hygiene

  • tilting functions with quick-fit fasteners on the drip trays allow the easy access for cleaning works inside of the units
  • trays are inclined to length-side towards the condensate water discharge
  • condensate discharge pump to avoid a condensate water piping in the room
  • direct assembly to the ceiling prevents dirt accumulation on the upper side of the unit