Heat exchanger coils



  • tube arrangement, tube diameter, fin spacing and materials are selected according to application
  • fin designs:
    • AlMg, stainless steel 304 (1.4301)/316L (1.4404)
    • 1 mm fin thickness for particular cleaning works (option)



  • defrosting: electrical, hot-gas, brine, water
  • legs (feet)
  • drip tray
  • casing on air inlet/outlet
  • insulation end plates



flexible dimensions

  • thermodynamically optimized designs
  • freely configurable: thermofin® optimizes the heat exchanger coils according to customers’ requirements

increased corrosion protection

  • cathodic dip-paint coating
  • heresite


long operating times

  • split fin spacings extend the operating time between the defrost processes and ensure an efficient operation of the unit