Condensers/gas coolers



  • circuit partition
  • inspection opening
  • special colours
  • spraying system
  • vibration dampers
  • tiltable fans
  • streamers for an increased air throw
  • diffusers
  • K65-joint for gas coolers



electric design

  • repair switches/motor protection switches (wired individually or pair-wise)
  • wiring to terminal box
  • TPD—thermofin® power distribution
  • control cabinet for the integration of all electrical components
  • TCS—thermofin® control system


  • individual dimensions
  • galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • optional: special colours and increased corrosion protection
  • door design according to customers’ requirements
  • base frame
  • connection elements made of stainless steel

noise insulation

  • casing in simple or double wall, noise optimized design