Highest quality Made in Germany

For our customers, high quality means a reliable function of the installed systems. For us, quality is the basic factor for our global success. Our quality policy has the prime objective to preserve the confidence and the satisfaction of our customers.

Quality as basis

The quality management system of thermofin GmbH is certified according to the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and is integrated into all company processes. With continuous and comprehensive investments in our machinery and the use of the latest manufacturing technology, we can ensure the reliability of our products at any time.
Each production step is accompanied by qualityensuring tests. The raw materials and components used in the products comply with the highest specifications. Our promise of quality Made in Germany is firmly established in every step of product development.

Comprehensive service range

If desired, we can carry out factory acceptance tests in the presence of an independent certification company. Thereby, we offer our customers the additional security of having an external validation that all legal provisions and contractual agreements are being met. On request, we can also effect measurements and test runs in order to prove the performance of our units and the compliance with critical limit values.
We can also complement the order-related documentation with usage lists, non-destructive examinations as well as strength calculations. On demand, we additionally provide calculations according to other international regulations and standards.


Standards and guidelines