Dry coolers




  • circuit partitions
  • inspection openings
  • extended/shortened legs
  • special colours
  • vibration dampers
  • streamers for an increased air throw
  • diffusers
  • tiltable fans
  • flange connections
  • earthing points
  • repair switches
  • protection grids
  • spraying system



electric design

  • repair switches/motor protection switches (wired individually or pair-wise)
  • wiring to terminal box
  • TPD—thermofin® power distribution
  • control cabinet for the integration of all electrical components
  • TCS—thermofin® control system


  • spraying system for peak loads in case of high ambient temperatures
  • low water consumption
  • optimized energy consumption
  • hygiene and frost protection thanks to the fully-automated drain system
  • control with TCS controller (max. 4 spraying levels)

service and cleaning

  • smooth fin surfaces prevent soiling and facilitate cleaning
  • optional: tiltable fans
  • protection grids for the filtration of pollen and dust