Penthouse coolers



  • steam-proofed insulation cell with wall thicknesses from 80 – 200 mm, RAL 9010
  • steam-proofed lockable access door, door frame electrically heated
  • draw-in area along the floor with access grid
  • indoor illumination
  • electrically actuated defrost damper
  • AC axial fans or EC fans
  • control cabinet for damper control and repair switches



  • heating coil
  • defrosting: electrical, hot-gas, brine
  • weather-resistant roof in case of
    an outside installation




  • the air is drawn in upwards through the roof of the cold room and blown out through an air duct
  • optimal use of the cold room thanks to the unit positioned on the suspended ceiling or the roof


  • patented damper arrangement ensures an optimal airflow through the heat exchanger coil
  • defrost dampers mounted to the heat exchangers prevent a heat entry to the cold room during the defrost process


  • service-friendly arrangement of fans and electrical components