project: Migros distribution center Suhr

The Migros distribution center Suhr AG (MVS) supplies the around 600 Migros outlets with food from the colonial goods assortment as well as around 300 migrolino shops with the entire main assortment.
SSP Kälteplaner AG was commissioned with the planning and implementation of "replacement of refrigeration". Essentially, the project comprised two refrigeration systems that will provide 2.7 MW and 2.0 MW cooling capacity in the final construction phase.
The waste heat of the refrigeration systems is used with a sophisticated system for building heating. The implementation had to be realized before the warm summer months, the tense appointment situation was a big challenge for all project partners.
For this project, thermofin® supplied two THACD ammonia hybrid condensers with a capacity of 1,600 kW each. The units are equipped with two separate refrigerant circuits and one upstream desuperheater. The heat exchanger blocks are provided at the air inlet sides with pollen guards, which reduce the pollution caused by pollen in the best possible way.