Update thermofin®-software

We would like to inform you that a new software update for the thermofin® design program (version is available. The program offers the following services:
  • the design and recalculation of air-cooled heat exchangers for different operating conditions for use in refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump and energy technology
  • a large number of series and individual selection of units thanks to extensive filter functions
  • new commercial series: TOCH, TCCH, TDCH
  • standard support for a significant number of technically important refrigerants and single-phase heat transfer fluids
  • large selection of accessories for the individual completion of units
  • output of technical data and prices
  • output of tender texts
  • ease of use and clear program structure
  • update function for updating the software of unit-series and prices
For further information and for obtaining the software, please contact your responsible sales person.